NBA Trade Rumors: Jimmy Butler to Stay with Bulls for Power Trio Lineup

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In reports concerning NBA trade rumors, Jimmy Butler is likely to stay with the Chicago Bulls for a power trio lineup. Butler has been involved in so many rumors about a Chicago departure this past few months. He has been linked to other teams such as the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Boston Celtics, among others. Recently, the chances of him donning a different uniform is diminishing.

Butler is said to be off the market according to ESPN?s Zach Lowe via NESN. Lowe added that the recent offseason effort by the Chicago Bulls seem to indicate that they intend to contend for the championship next season instead of retooling and rebuilding. It is pointed out that as there is no clear No. 2 contender in the Eastern Conference to the defending champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Bulls are just one Lebron James injury away from potentially clutching gold again.

The power trio lineup would consist of Butler, Dwayne Wade (newly signed from Miami Heat) and Rajon Rondo. It will be quite interesting how this trio will workout for Chicago. But from the looks of it, the Bulls are heading into contender status with this new lineup. Would it work like the Jordan-Pippen-Rodman combo back in the day? It is hard to say but this new shake up could be a much needed shake up to introduce the Chicago Bulls as a legitimate threat to the crown next season.

In the above tweet by NBA, it looks like Rondo is already making some impact by being present with his new team in the Summer League.

Deadstock. It's all yours D Wade. #welcome

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Wade is pretty much welcome in his hometown of Chicago.

For Butler? Well, he has not overstayed his welcome as he is still currently for four more season in his five-year contract. He looks to be a very attractive potential trade but if the Bulls want to go for it next season, they would likely need some Butler-like talent on the court. And who is better at being Jimmy Butler, but Jimmy Butler?

What do you guys think? Should Butler stay with Bulls? Will they be serious contenders next season with a power trio lineup? Leave your thoughts below.

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