NBA Trade Rumors: Harrison To Dallas Mavericks, Thompson To Cleveland?

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Pre-season of NBA is about to come to a close and there are still some teams working extensively to make a formidable line-up for a chance to win the coveted NBA championship trophy. Here are some of the rumored player trades circulating around the league:

Harrison Barnes to Dallas Mavericks

Harrison Barnes value to the Golden State Warriors is still undetermined, so this is a chance for some of the teams to catch a big break. Considering the fact that he may just be a fourth option for the Warriors behind Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green, Barnes has a lot of option outside of the team.

According to Yibada, Harrison Barnes and Brandon Rush for Justin Anderson and Raymond Felton of the Dallas Mavericks may come into consideration so that the Warriors ca have enough cap space to stay in the hunt for top free agents next year, including Kevin Durant.

Is Tristan Thompson leaving Cleveland?

Regular season is about to begin for the NBA and Tristan Thompson of the Cleveland Cavaliers is still nowhere in sight of landing a fair deal with the team. The Cleveland Cavaliers have a good chance of winning the 2015-2016 NBA Season, that?s why Lebron James is eager to keep Thompson in the line-up. There is still no word if Thompson will leave the Cavaliers but his close relationship with the team may have an effect on his decision.

Unfortunately, there aren?t many teams with a big cap space willing to consider Thompson for a deal. According to a sports blog, there are only two teams in the NBA with a cap space available for Tristan Thompson, with 11 million, and that?s the Portland Trailblazers and the Philadelphia 76ers. But there are still no announcements from the two teams if they are still open for a player acquisition.

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