NBA Trade Rumors: Griffin to Celtics? Westbrook-Durant Feud Looms?

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The NBA Free Agency is nearing its end but the thrill is definitely still there as several NBA trade rumors still surround the league. One of the most recent ones is the one involving the Los Angeles Clippers star forward Blake Griffin and the Boston Celtics.

After acquiring the Atlanta Hawks forward Al Horford, recent reports are suggesting that the Celtics organization is pursuing Griffin. It was previously rumored that the Clippers have been wanting to trade the all-star forward since last season. If the Celtics are really interested in him, it would probably be a three-team trade deal including the Sacramento Kings and their forward Rudy Gay.

It has been noted earlier this year that if the Clippers would give Griffin away, Gay is certainly the best replacement. However, although it would really be an interesting scenario for all of the teams involved, a ?high-level source? told reporter Dan Woike that the rumors are all false.

?Also in regards to Blake Griffin-Celtics stuff, high level source says ?there?s no truth to any of it,? wrote the reporter. Although there is still no confirmation from both teams, it is somehow not surprising to know that the Clippers would want to keep their star forward, especially with the fact that coach Doc Rivers is opposing the trade idea.

Meanwhile, another NBA trade rumor that has surfaced this month is that Russell Westbrook is going to be traded elsewhere. Apparently, aside from Griffin, the Celtics are also eyeing to acquire the all-star point guard of the Oklahoma City Thunder, said recent reports. But if both teams would not come to terms in this off-season, Boston will still have the chance to pursue Westbrook come next summer when his contract with the OKC expires.

On the other hand, it seems like there is another issue Westbrook should have to deal with because in a recent interview with his old friend, now Warriors forward Kevin Durant, the athlete mentioned that his relationship with Russ will ?never be the same again.?

?I just told him [about my decision]. I let him know how I felt. Obviously, our relationship won?t ever be the same again. But it?s something I wanted to do, and I expressed that to him. Hopefully he respected it,? Durant told Sina Sports.

Westbrook has not released an official statement yet ever since Durant has left the Oklahoma City Thunder. However, it is certain that it has been difficult for him especially with the fact that he has lost his teammate. But hopefully it would be just a teammate that he lost and not a friend.

How about you? With the Griffin trade issues being denied, do you think the Boston Celtics will have the chance to acquire Westbrook? What do you think would be the future of the Durant-Westbrook friendship? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Be sure to stay tune on TheBitbag for more NBA Trade Rumors.

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