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NBA Trade Rumors: Dwayne Wade Confirms Joining Chicago Bulls; Tweets His Emotions For Miami

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NBA trade rumors: Dwayne confirms joining Chicago-Bulls

NBA trade rumors were hinting that Dwayne Wade would be heading to Cleveland Cavaliers. However, the all-star guard has confirmed that he will be signing a contract with Chicago Bulls.

Miami Heat was offering around $40 million to Wade to retain him and it seems that the team never increased the price to match the offers from other teams. Speculations have it Chicago Bulls have got Wade for around $48 million through a two-year contract. No team offered a three-year deal to Wade, Yahoo! Sports? Adrian Wojnarowski reported.

In order to have Wade onboard, Chicago Bulls had to create sufficient cap space by trading some players. Hence, Cleveland Cavaliers will be receiving Bulls? Mike Dunleavy through a $4.8 million contract. Marc Stein from ESPN had reported that Brooklyn and Milwaukee were looking forward to acquire him. Chicago Bulls will be also trading Jose Calderon worth $7.7 million to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Dwayne Wade has served 13 years for Miami Heat and he is now decided to leave the team. He expressed his feelings to his fans through a series of tweets.

Speculations are rife that Wade?s relation with the top brass of Miami Heat had gone sour. The team reportedly prioritized other players like Hassam Whiteside and Kevin Durant over Wade. Whiteside has officially signed a four-year deal with Heat and Kevin Durant has also confirmed his exit from the team to move to Golden State Warriors.

NBA Trade Rumors: Dwayne Wade To Join Cavs?

Miami Heat is said to have sidelined Wade by offering him an annual deal of $10 million. However, Heat has denied it. Later on, the team increased the offer to a?two-year $40 million deal. NBA trade rumors?also claim that there was a rift between Miami Heat President Pat Riley and Dwayne Wade. There were rumors that had asked Heat to provide him $50 million for a two-year deal.

What do you think about Wade?s decision? Is it a good decision to choose Chicago Bulls? offer? Or he should have remained with Miami Heat? Do let TheBitBag know your thoughts by adding comments. Keep visiting us for more NBA trade rumors.

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