NBA Trade Rumors: Dwayne Wade Asks $50M 2-Year Contract To Miami Heat; Wil He Join Cleveland Cavaliers?

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Several teams are looking forward to sign up a deal with Dwayne Wade. His representatives asked told the teams that he is seeking for a $50 million deal for a two-year contract. NBA trade rumors suggest that since the Miami Heat is cap-strapped, they may not be able to afford him.

Apart from Miami Heat, the other teams that are wanting to have Wade onboard include Denver Nuggets and Chicago Bulls. Compared to the financial status of Miami Heat, the other two teams are stable and can possibly enter a deal with Wade. However, Heat can make more cap space by trading one of its existing players.

According to ESPN?s Marc Stein, Denver Nuggets is offering an amount higher than $50 million for a two-year contract to Wade. As far as Miami Heat is concerned, it has already offered a two-year deal worth around $40 million to the All-Star shooting guard.

Dwayne Wade has canceled free agent meeting with Milwaukee Bucks as the team has around $17 million in cap space remaining. NBA trade rumors have been heavily hinting that the Wade may decide to join Cleveland Cavaliers, but there is no news on the discussion of a sign up deal between the two parties.


Washington Wizards v/s Miami Heat December 18, 2010

Moreover, Cavs have crossed their cap limit and the team is in such a situation that it in order to get free agents it can only use mini-MLE worth $3.5 million. Since it has passed luxury tax threshold, it can?t opt for a sign-and-trade for Wade.

NBA trade rumors suggest that it is unlikely that Wade will remain with Miami Heat. One of the reasons is that the player and Miami Heat President Pat Riley do not get along with each other. Moreover, Wade is reportedly miffed about the fact that he was sidelined by Heat as the team had given priority to other free agents like Kevin Durant and Hassan Whiteside over him.

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