NBA Trade Rumors: DeMarcus Cousins to be Traded by Kings in December According to NBA Executives

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NBA Trade Rumors

The NBA trade rumors continue to swirl as the regular season of the league heats up. With the NBA season already one month in, each of the 30 teams already know where they stand. This is why more and more NBA superstars are being linked to the recent trade rumors surfacing throughout the league. The latest rumor involves DeMarcus Cousins who could be traded in December according to league executives.

DeMarcus Cousins is one of the best big men in the NBA today. Boogie had a busy offseason with Team USA wherein the center won gold at the Rio Olympics. His team though is not doing well in the early part of the season which has sparked trade rumors involving him once more.

The Sacramento Kings are now at 4-7 which is certainly not something which Cousins had hoped for. With his contract about to end, there is growing belief that Cousins will not re-sign with the Kings due to the losing culture of the franchise.

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According to Sporting News, one NBA executive believes that a deal is imminent with the possibility of it happening as early as next month. This is a very realistic scenario considering that the trade value for Cousins could decrease as the February NBA trade deadline draws closer.

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If this is indeed true, the Kings could be busy on the phones in the coming weeks. Cousins has never had a shortage of trade suitors so the Kings will not have an extremely difficult time pulling off a trade. The question that looms though is which team will offer the most for Boogie.

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One franchise, which has frequently been linked to Cousins, is the Boston Celtics. With a plethora of high future draft picks and young talent, the Celtics could emerge as a great trade partner for the Kings.

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It is unsure though if the teams are talking about a possible Cousins trade at this time, though Celtics fans surely will be waiting eagerly for it. Be sure to check back here soon to find out more about this developing NBA trade rumor.

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