NBA Trade Rumors 2016: DeMarcus Cousins, JR Smith Heading To Boston Celtics?

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Boston Celtics

Speculations have it that Boston Celtics is looking to acquire JR Smith. Celtics was also speculated to strike a deal with Russell Westbrook, but he has officially confirmed that he will be extending his contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Now NBA trade rumors suggest that the team is eyeing DeMarcus Cousins. ?

Boston Celtics is expected to build a dream team for the upcoming NBA 2016-17 season. Hence, rumors indicate that Danny Ainge, the General Manager of Boston Celtics, wants to acquire Smith from Cleveland Cavaliers.

The team is reportedly offering a contract of $15 million to the player. Since he made a stellar shooting record in the last previous season, Celtics reportedly eagerly wants to acquire him.

As of this writing, there is no confirmation on which player Celtics will be trading to have Smith onboard. However, the team is speculated to trade either James Young or RJ Hunter to get Smith in the team. Interestingly, Celtics? coach, Brad Stevens, is not too keen to have Smith in the team.

JR Smith

The NBA trade rumors from the previous month indicated that the team is ready to offer a significant deal to a superstar. Hence, Celtics was rumored to be eyeing Westbrook. However, as mentioned, new information suggests that Westbrook will remain with Oklahoma City Thunder as he just signed a three-year contract worth $85.7 million.

Now that Westbrook is no longer available for Celtics, the team may possibly acquire Cousins. It is a known fact that Cousins is not having a great time in his current team as he has been called lazy on the court, and his presence in the team has resulted in coach changes for six times.

In line with this, NBA trade rumors indicate that Sacramento Kings may let go of Cousins. Meanwhile, several other teams like Cleveland Cavaliers and LA Lakers have expressed interest in acquiring Cousins.

Will the Boston Celtics get Cousins and Smith? Do let us know your thoughts by adding your comments below.

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