NBA Trade Rumors: David Lee to Return to Golden State Warriors?

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NBA Trade Rumors

NBA rumors have dominated the offseason as major moves by countless teams have shaken the NBA landscape. Kevin Durant deciding to join the Golden State Warriors certainly made every other team take notice. The recent rumor is that one former Warrior could be a possible addition to the new Golden State squad.

David Lee was one of the major pieces in the Golden State squad when he was a member of the roster. He was a starter and he played extremely well for the team. Unfortunately for Lee, a series of injuries forced him to only 49 games during the 2014-15 NBA regular season.

Lee?s absence for extended periods of time would become a turning point for the team. It would lead to the emergence of Draymond Green who eventually took over the starting power forward position and helped the Warriors capture the NBA Finals that season. It would also lead to Lee getting traded to the Boston Celtics as he has found himself relegated to a bench role in Golden State.

Fast forward to the 2016 offseason and the Warriors have now become a super team with Kevin Durant joining them. Their starting five of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, KD, Green and ZaZa Pachulia is certainly one of the best in the league. Their bench though is still a work in progress.NBA Trade Rumors

Kevin Durant

According to CSN Bay Area, David Lee was asked if he would consider returning to the Warriors. His answer was ?we?ll see what happens?. His response certainly intrigues a lot of Golden State fans who would welcome Lee in a Warriors uniform once more.

Though there have not been any confirmation yet on the part of David Lee?s agent, the Warriors certainly is a good spot for the veteran. He was adored by the Dubs fans in the Bay Area and he would definitely have more playing time as there is no other back-up center aside from rookie Damian Jones.

While a David Lee return to the Warriors is indeed a great storyline for Warriors fans, it remains to be seen if the big man is willing to take a pay cut to rejoin his former team. This is still a developing story so be sure to check back here soon for more news and updates.

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