NBA Trade Rumors: David Lee to Join San Antonio Spurs

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NBA Trade Rumors

There have been some juicy NBA trade rumors that have surfaced this off-season. Almost all of the NBA teams are trying to make their roster stronger in preparation for the upcoming 2016-17 NBA season. David Lee?s name has been subject of many rumors with some speculating that he could make a return to the Warriors. Well, Lee is indeed joining a powerhouse squad in the West but it will not be Golden State but the San Antonio Spurs.

David Lee was one of the core players in Golden State Warriors during his tenure there. He was a nightly double-double threat and can pass the ball really well. Unfortunately for him, the emergence of Draymond Green made him expendable which is why the team parted ways with the former All-star.

Now, with the new Golden State super team, Dubs fans were calling for Lee to come back to the Bay Area. Lee has been vocal about wanting to join a contender and the situation seemed like a reunion with Steph Curry and the rest of the squad would be an excellent opportunity.

To the Warriors fans? dismay, CBSSports has revealed that David Lee agreed to sign a two-year contract with the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday. The contract will be for $3.2 million with the second year being a player option.

David Lee

The addition of Lee to the Spurs will certainly make the San Antonio frontcourt one of the best in the Western conference. The Spurs undoubtedly lost one of the best big men in the game when Tim Duncan announced his retirement. It is a good thing that the team was able to sign Pau Gasol in free agency so he would help fill the void left by ?The Big Fundamental?. Now, Lee?s addition would bolster the frontcourt even further and help provide hustle and rebounding to the squad.

With a roster featuring Kawhi Leonard, Tony Parker, LaMarcus Aldridge, Pau Gasol and David Lee, the Spurs are looking to be serious playoff contenders once more. It remains to be seen if they will have enough to beat the Warriors in the West but it will certainly be one exciting showdown to watch.

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