NBA Trade Rumors: D?Angelo Russell Trade to Sacramento Kings Confirmed?

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NBA Trade Rumors

Even with the 2016 Rio Olympics basketball tournament almost at its Quarterfinals stages, the NBA Trade Rumors just keeps on popping up. One of the teams, which is frequently associated with the rumors, is the Sacramento Kings, as their franchise big man DeMarcus Cousins is a favorite trade rumor topic. Now it appears that the Kings are involved in another rumor, this time with Lakers point guard D?Angelo Russell.

Russell has not had a smooth rookie season with the Los Angeles Lakers. The former Ohio State standout had a rocky start to his NBA career. He played very inconsistently on the court and he had issues with his teammates such as Nick Young off the court. He did show some flashes of his potential toward the end of the season though. With the latest news, it appears the Sacramento Kings have seen enough to want him on their roster.

According to Silver Screen and Roll, the Sacramento Kings are rumored to be heavily engaged in trade discussions involving D?Angelo Russell. The report did not disclose who the Kings were willing to give up to get Russell though DeMarcus Cousins will surely come into the mind of many NBA fans.

D?Angelo Russell has the makings to be a very good point guard in the league. Although he might not be the superstar the Lakers were expecting when they drafted him 2nd in last year?s NBA Draft. With the Lakers rebuilding, they may want to get some pieces to build around their young squad.

D'Angelo Russell

While Russell was thought to be one of the centerpieces for a new Lakers team, the Kings may be offering something even more valuable. The Kings can trade draft picks in exchange for the Lakers guard but another scenario is that a third team could potentially come in to make the trade work.

Rudy Gay has also been subject of trade rumors lately, so it remains to be seen if indeed the Kings can come up with an offer that the Lakers will find appealing. This is still a developing story so be sure to check back here soon to find out if indeed a D?Angelo Russell trade to the Kings will be happening sooner rather than later.

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