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NBA Trade Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers To Go After DeMarcus Cousins

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After coming out victorious in the 2016 NBA Finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers are eyeing to add some great talents to their roster that will help them on their quest for a second championship come next season. Thus the rumors that the Cavs will trade for Sacramento Kings? DeMarcus Cousins?

If you look at the current roster of the Cavs, it seems like the team has all the ingredients to take another shot at the title in the upcoming season. They have Kyrie Irving, a great point guard who arguably has the best handle in the league; shooters J.R. Smith, Iman Shumpert and Kevin Love, and their leader, superstar LeBron James.

However, it is also a fact that during their last games, especially in the finals, Love did not produce as much as he was expected to. During the season, he averaged 14.7 points per game with 8.8 rebounds per outing. But, come the finals, his statistics dropped down almost half to that of his regular output. He only averaged 7.3 marks and 5.9 boards every game.

As a result, there are speculations that Love is going to be traded away by the Cavs and it is said to be for the Kings? center Cousins. The rumor was also sparked by the fact that Love is not that effective in playing both the power forward and center position, which Cousins has been effectively doing all throughout his career that led him to be considered as one of the best centers in the league right now.

But the question is, how can the Cleveland Cavaliers convince the Sacramento Kings to trade their centerpiece? Critics believe that for the Cavs to acquire Cousins, they would have to let go of Love, Shumpert and a 2017, a 2019, and a 2020 first round draft picks. With that, the organization will definitely capture the attention of the other party. If the Cavs would really go after Cousins, and successfully get the center to sign with them, the team would immediately become a greater threat in the Eastern Conference than they already are.

On the other hand, the Western Conference?s movement of players has also been interesting. One of the most interesting free agents at this moment is Oklahoma Thunder star Kevin Durant. As of now, he has yet to announce where he would sign but is expected to reveal it in the upcoming days. Three of the most favorable teams wherein Durant would end up are back with the Oklahoma City Thunder, Miami Heat or the Golden State Warriors.

Also, another organization that is looking to further improve its lineup is the San Antonio Spurs. According to sources, the Texas-based team is going after free agent Pau Gasol. However, if they would acquire Gasol, it seems like he would have to come off the bench as the team already has power forward Lamarcus Aldridge and the icon Tim Duncan. Or, he would have to move to the center spot, which he has done for his past teams.

Clearly, the free agency is really a busy time for all the teams as they try to make it to the finals next season. How about you? Do you think the Cleveland Cavaliers will let go of Kevin Love for DeMarcus Cousins? Where do you think Kevin Durant will sign? And lastly, do you think Pau Gasol will join the San Antonio Spurs? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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