NBA Trade Rumors: Chris Bosh Trade Between Denver Nuggets With Kenneth Faried

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Washington Wizards v/s Miami Heat December 18, 2010

Recently, rumors surrounding Chris Bosh being linked to numerous teams have been floating around the internet. But now, Kenneth Faried and others have been added into the speculation pool as well.

One prominent rumor was that Bosh had a good chance to go to the New York Knicks. This rumor was shared by both the Parent Herald and the Inquisitr.

This rumor is quite jarring because its quite unlikely that any team in the league is going to allow Bosh to play since he?s still on blood thinners. Not to mention, Bosh?s health still needs to be certified as well.

Inquisitr explained that “There are only two players on New York’s roster who can be dealt for Chris Bosh: Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose. Both teams are over the cap, and Bosh is scheduled to make $23.7 million next season.

It’s important to note that The Knicks don’t even have a group of lower-paid players they can use to ?trade for Bosh, so the bottom line is that a trade between New York and Miami for Chris Bosh is nearly impossible at this time.”




Clearly, a trade between the Knicks and Miami would be pretty unlike for now. Even though Knicks won?t be able to take part in a possible trade, the Denver Nuggets still can. But, the Denver Nuggets are also wary since they have to also consider Boch?s health and blood thinner situation.

Bosh is still considered a very talented athlete, even with his set of problems. What sets Bosh a part is his many different skills and his ability to be flexible for a variety of roles in the game. Bosh truly is still considered a great player in the NBA. ?He?s had a long track record supplemented with a good consistent shooting average.

Which is why we still believe that Bosh is still in good standing and that he would cost a lot in a trade, regardless of his current condition.

Another speculated scenario told ?by Nugg Love shares that Kenneth Faried, Wilson Chandler and Joffrey Lauvergne would replace Chris Bosh and Willie Reed. A frontline consisting of Bosh and Nikola Jokic is a strong combo, since the two have skills that can complement each other.

Nugg Love finishes that: “the Denver Nuggets would see an immediate boost with the acquisition of a veteran all-star with a reliable shot, and the Heat would be set-up with a rejuvenated starting 5, capable of outdoing last season’s line-up, and even more likely to help the team out down the road.”

Only time and Bosh?s health will tell whether he stays or gets replaced, until then, lets hope he recovers soon.

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