NBA Trade Rumors: Chris Bosh Not Cleared to Play By Miami Heat, Is He Demanding a Trade Soon?

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NBA Trade Rumors

With the NBA regular season only a little over one month away, the NBA trade rumors are getting stronger and stronger. Several big name players are still being linked to trade talks as teams are trying to beef up their roster for the upcoming season. One name could be added to that list as recent developments may have Chris Bosh looking to find a new home very soon.

Bosh had a very tough time over the past two seasons. He was diagnosed with blood clots which ended his regular season prematurely the past two years. Now, he is intent on making a comeback but the Miami Heat organization may not be too comfortable with that at all.

According to The New York Times, the Heat has revealed that Bosh failed his physical and that means he was not cleared to participate in the team?s training camp. This is a huge blow for Bosh who has consulted several specialists regarding his comeback.

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The issue for the Heat franchise is linked to the former All-star playing on blood thinners, which he is required to take due to his condition. While Bosh has suggested that he could play using blood thinners which will be out of his system before game time, Miami may not be comfortable with the idea.

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With this new development, Adrian Wojnarowski recently sent a tweet citing that sources close to the situation believes Bosh?s career with the Heat is over. This is a huge blow for the Miami franchise which is still reeling from losing Dwyane Wade. Now, Bosh could potentially demand a trade or he could likewise file legal action against the team through the NBA Players Association.

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Whatever Bosh decides to do, it is becoming clearer that he could have played his last game in a Heat uniform. If that is the case, countless teams are surely going to go after his services.

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It would be best for the Heat to simply trade Bosh so at least they could get something in return. With title contenders trying to catch up to Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and the rest of the Golden State Warriors, surely there will be no lacking of suitors for Bosh.

This is still a developing story so be sure to check back here soon to find out more NBA trade rumors and updates about Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat.

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