NBA Trade Rumors: Cavs Will Get Carmelo Anthony? Superstar Want Out Of Knicks?

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There have been crazy NBA trade rumors and there have been really crazy ones. Sometimes, the crazy one have no ounce of truth in them. Sometimes, the really crazy ones are just those that really happen. Who expected Kevin Durant to move to the Golden State Warriors after the Oklahoma City Thunder lost to them in the Western Conference Finals?

Now, one of the crazies NBA trade rumors is that the Cleveland Cavaliers will take New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony. Why? Triangle Offense is just pushing him away.


Phil Jackson and Jeff Hornacek Do Not See Eye to Eye

The Knicks have been struggling in their previous six games. They won only 2 out of 6. Their losses came from playoff contender teams. ESPN?s Ian Begley revealed that current Knicks president Phil Jackson, the ?Zen Master?, has blamed Coach Jeff Hornacek?s little use of his preferred triangle offense for their early failures. Hornacek, on the other hand, prefers a more fast-paced offense.


The Knicks had already gotten reliable players such as Derrick Rose, Courtney Lee and Joakim Noah for this season. They are expected by fans to be quite competitive. It?s just their execution has not been on point. Again, it?s because of them not using the triangle offense, according to Phil Jackson.

Carmelo Anthony Tired

Anthony has revealed that the team has been making adjustments offensively regardless of what offensive plays they are using. He added that he, at this point, is getting tired of hearing about Jackson?s triangle.

This led to rumors that Anthony wants out of the Knicks as his shot at his first NBA title looks a little dim this season. Rumors sprang out that he might want to jump ship to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The ESPN trade machine mentioned that Carmelo Anthony could move in with the Cavs if the Cavs would give up Kevin Love for him. This can work both ways. Fans do not see how Kevin Love can work for the Cleveland lineup and many see him leaving before the February trade deadline. This could only happen if Anthony wants to opt out and find his first NBA gold somewhere other than the New York Knicks and away from Phil Jackson?s triangle offense.

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