NBA Trade Rumors: Carmelo Anthony Trade to Cavs for Kevin Love Possible?

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NBA Trade Rumors

The NBA right now is on high alert ever since Kevin Durant joined an already formidable Golden State team. Now, the Warriors have a starting five of four All-Stars and they have become the super team that is the favorite to win it all. With Durant joining the Warriors, there have been many teams involved in NBA Trade Rumors as they try to beef up their roster to have a chance of beating Golden State.

One of the teams which is frequently linked in NBA trade rumors is the Cleveland Cavaliers. Yes, they are the reigning NBA champs but it does not mean that they are not trying to improve even further. Kevin Love is one player who has long been rumored as a possible trade candidate and the latest possibility is that he could get traded to New York for LeBron James? close friend, Carmelo Anthony.

According to FoxSports, one possible trade scenario that could give the Warriors stiff competition is Anthony getting traded to the Cavs for Love. The report mentions that the trade works on the financial aspect based on ESPN?s trade machine. Now all that is left is the decision of the teams involved.

There is no word on whether or not the Knicks are shopping Anthony around via trade but it is certainly not entirely impossible. Anthony has not really delivered on his promises for his hometown as of yet. Before long, he may want to chase a championship with another team. The Cavaliers are simply the best situation if he indeed wants to win now. It is up to New York though if they would want to part ways with their franchise player.

Kevin Love

While Love is no Anthony, the former certainly has all the tools to succeed in a Knicks uniform. People forget that before he joined the Cavs, Love was a nightly double-double threat. If he finds himself in a Knicks jersey, it could very well return his performance back to his Minnesota Timberwolves days.

Anthony of course would benefit the most from playing alongside James and Kyrie Irving. With a very solid cast and great leadership from James, Anthony would certainly have a great shot at winning a title with Cleveland.

All of these are merely speculations at the moment but it is certainly something that could happen in this crazy NBA offseason.

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