NBA Trade Rumors: Blake Griffin Trade to Chicago Bulls Confirmed?

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NBA Trade Rumors

Blake Griffin has been subject of many NBA trade rumors dating back to the end of last season. The energetic power forward is reportedly on the trading block of the Los Angeles Clippers, and he could land in a new team soon. If recent rumors are to be believed, Griffin could be part of the Chicago Bulls.

Last season was not a good one for Blake Griffin. He suffered several injuries, which limited him to just 35 games in the regular season. One of the injuries that he suffered was from punching the Clippers? equipment manager. With all the injuries and controversy last season, the Lakers may look to move the power forward before the season starts.

Griffin has been linked to the Boston Celtics in the past but a new team has emerged recently. According to Sportsrageous, there are rumors that the Chicago Bulls might be making a move to acquire the big man. The Bulls has been making huge changes this offseason as they traded away Derrick Rose and signed Rajon Rondo and Dwyane Wade. It appears that they are not quite done yet if they are indeed going to pull off a trade for Blake Griffin.

The Bulls have a logjam at the forward spots with Nikola Mirotic and Taj Gibson. Both players could potentially be involved in a trade that would get Blake Griffin in a Bulls uniform. The Clippers may be intrigued by the potential of Mirotic, who displayed flashes of brilliance last season. Gibson of course is a known workhorse who can provide LA with defensive toughness alongside DeAndre Jordan in the paint.

Blake Griffin Trade

If indeed the Bulls trade for Blake, the team would instantly become an elite team in the East. The Clippers on the other hand may have a more well-rounded team that could help them have a deep playoff run. The Bulls will be a huge injury risk though with some aging veterans but getting to the playoffs would almost be a sure thing.

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