NBA Trade Rumors: Blake Griffin Trade to Boston Celtics Happening Soon?

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NBA Trade Rumors

The NBA trade rumors continue to swirl about the biggest players in the league. While Russell Westbrook has been the subject of the recent trade talks, another possible trade involving a different superstar may surprise basketball fans very soon.

Blake Griffin is currently recovering from a leg injury which cut his season last year short. He was also involved in an altercation wherein he broke his hand fighting with the Clippers? equipment manager. Now, as the power forward is recovering from the injury this offseason his name has surfaced as a possible trade candidate.

Sporting News has reported that according to their sources the Boston Celtics is looking to acquire Blake Griffin via trade. The same report also mentions that the team could strike a deal soon.

The Boston Celtics recently acquired All-star center Al Horford in free agency and the possible addition of Griffin will instantly make the team?s frontcourt one of the best in the league. The Clippers have been linked in trade rumors involving Griffin as early as the latter part of the last season. Still, there have been no official confirmation that they are indeed looking to move the athletic power forward.

NBA Trade Rumors

Griffin has wowed the Los Angeles crowd with his high flying dunks but so far it has not translated to wins for the team. The possible trade can give the team young talent and potential draft picks that will surely be valuable pieces for the franchise.

With the regular season drawing closer each day, a potential deal could happen at any moment now. Whether we see Blake Griffin in a green jersey next season will certainly be answered before the season tips off this October.

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