NBA Trade Rumors: Blake Griffin Trade to Boston Celtics Confirmed?

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NBA Trade Rumors

Several superstar players have been part of the recent NBA Trade Rumors that have surfaced recently. With the Golden State Warriors setting the bar extremely high by creating their super team, the rest of the league are trying their best to boost their roster before the new season starts. Blake Griffin is among those who have been linked in trade talks and if rumors are true, he may find himself in a Boston Celtics uniform next season.

Blake Griffin had a very tough 2015 NBA season. He was involved in a controversy when it was revealed that he punched the Los Angeles Clippers equipment manager. He was likewise kept on the sidelines for most of the season due to several injuries. With the upcoming season drawing closer, there have been rumblings that the Clippers could potentially place Griffin on the trade block.

If that is indeed true, one of the rumored destinations for the athletic power forward is the Boston Celtics, according to Bleacher Report. The Celtics have already been linked to countless rumors this offseason. It is not expected to stop anytime soon given that Boston general manager Danny Ainge has said that they were not done beefing up their team just yet.

Boston acquired Al Horford via free agency and they are likely hoping to add another superstar in the mix. With Isaiah Thomas directing the offense, the addition of Griffin looks to be a very wise option for Boston. They will instantly have a young and athletic squad, which can certainly compete for years to come.

Blake Griffin Trade Rumors

The Los Angeles Clippers though will not give up Griffin for nothing. They are likely going to target the upcoming draft picks of the Celtics. One of Boston?s picks for next year could potentially be the first overall pick so it is certainly going to be a decision that the Clippers will seriously consider.

Will we finally see Griffin in a Boston Celtics uniform or will he be finding a new home in another city? Be sure to check back here soon to find out the latest ?Griffin trending news as well as other NBA trade rumors.

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