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NBA Trade Rumors: Blake Griffin Is Joining A New Team?

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NBA trade rumors are strongly predicting that Blake Griffin will change his team. He is in high demand now. Nearly three to four teams are behind Blake Griffin with contract papers.

The Chicago Bulls is likely to approach Blake Griffin. The team has lost some good players like Pau Gasol, who is currently in free agency. The former franchise star Derrick Rose and defensive catalyst Joakim Noah are also not with the Bulls now.

The Bulls got Rajon Rondo and Dwayne Wade. Now there is a trio of Jimmy Butler, Wade and Rondo. Bringing one more member to the team will make Bull’s existence stronger than before, according to Morning Ledger.

?We have multiple playmakers now, multiple guys who can get in the paint. We do have floor spacing on this team. It will be important to have guys who can knock down shots. Great players always figure it out. It has to be about one thing, and that’s winning. Based on who has the hot hand on any given night, you play through that guy, and the rest of the team plays off him,? Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg said.

Oklahoma City Thunder is also likely to approach Blake Griffin. Russell Westbrook has decided to continue his contract with Oklahoma City Thunder. Now the team wants a strong player to support Westbrook. So, bringing Blake will be the right move.

Is ?Los Angeles Clippers Ready To Trade Blake?

Blake had 21.4 points, 8.4 rebounds and 4.9 assists per game in the previous season. This is a very good scoring. However, his present team Los Angeles Clippers is worried about injuries. So, Clippers may trade Blake if they get a good player in return.

?We have a priority of trying to just keep making our team better. Obviously because of the injuries?Blake?s in particular?we literally don?t know what we could have done. Even during the playoffs, he still wasn?t a hundred percent,? Doc Rivers said. Blake is also not really fond of Clippers, according to a rumor. Blake is not sharing a great rapport with his teammate Chris Paul. Chris Paul?s annoying leadership is believed to be the reason for that.

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