NBA Trade Rumors: Andrew Bogut Goes To Dallas Mavericks, Deletes “Warriors” Posts In His Twitter

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Teams are getting busy this off season. This is why NBA trade rumors are all flying about. One major Golden State Warriors signing was that of Kevin Durant. This is an attempt to build up their team and probably gain some more aggression. Durant?s Golden State Warriors entry though may have let a Warrior move on to the Dallas Mavericks. This ?potentially former-Warrior? is Andrew Bogut.

This was first reported by Marc Stein of ESPN.

July 7 is the date whether this deal will pull through or not.

It?s easy to understand that the Warriors need to let go of other free agents to make the current Durant acquisition possible. Bogut and Andre Iguodala are two of the likely candidates for such move. Now though, it looks like Bogut will be it. There is no word yet whether Iguodala will go to another team but it is highly unlikely. A report by Hoops Hype claimed that Iguodala was present in the Durant meeting and had played an incredible role in recruiting the KD. He may have referenced their experience playing for the World Championships in 2010 that may have had done a great deal in convincing Durant to join the Golden State gold quest.

A report from the Golden State of Mind claimed that Bogut has cleared his Twitter account of all Warriors-related posts and pictures. His profile picture as of press time is of him wearing his national team?s uniform.

If this manages to be true amongst many NBA trade rumors, Bogut may find himself playing side-by-side with Dirk Nowitzki. He can help the Mavericks with their defense by becoming another big man protecting the inside.

Stay tuned for more NBA trade rumors, news and updates.

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