NBA Trade Rumors 2016: Gasol For Knicks? Cousins For Cavs? Kevin Love Trade Imminent And Chicago Bulls Players Up For Grabs?

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Time is running out for the Chicago Bulls as they try to make one last push for the NBA playoffs in the upcoming trade deadline. In case anyone didn?t notice, it may be time for the Bulls to change direction and move the future of the franchise to a team that will carry it for years to come.

Some of you might agree that Pau Gasol has been giving it all he?s got since his start with the Bulls. It might not look it, but Gasol is at the point where his numbers might not go up anymore. And with the trade deadline coming up, the team may have to set their sights on another big man that will be beneficial to their franchise for the upcoming seasons to come.

Fansided pointed out Gasol is ?very likely? to opt out of his contract since he knows that his performance can still make a championship contending team offer him a sizeable contract. And one team looking forward to taking him is the New York Knicks.

Aside from Gasol, big men Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson might be nowhere near at securing their spot in the Bulls line-up. There?s no telling what the team?s plan is when it comes to creating a team that they know will take them to the top, but the likes of Gibson and Noah staying with them might be very unlikely.

Another thing to consider is Bulls? Derrick Rose?s upcoming free agency. The Inquisitr shared that the future for Rose and his current team are still hazy as of this moment. We know that Rose has an incredible relationship with Chicago and that their admiration for him is unique, but if they look at it a business angle, Rose?s free agent status might be crucial to a bright future.

In other news, the Cleveland Cavaliers seem to be set in trading Kevin Love for industry big men, and the NBA vine is ripe with talks that Cavs want Demarcus Cousins.

In any case, the fate of the Chicago Bulls and the Cavs hang in the balance and it?s only a matter of time before we hear their decision for the franchise.

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