NBA Trade Rumors 2015: Los Angeles Lakers To Trade Roy Hibbert, Lou Williams, And Brandon Bass?

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For NBA trade rumors 2015, dealing with a more than troubling season, the Los Angeles Lakers are setting their site on a future that can help them approach the upcoming season with more confidence. With their 2-11 win-loss record not helping the team in their journey towards a championship team, the Lakers are allegedly trading some players in their current roster to prepare in advance for the next season.

According to rumors, the team is hoping to trade their summer acquisitions center Roy Hibbert, point guard Lou Williams, and power forward Brandon Bass for valuable assets that could make for a better lineup next season. Reports have indicated that Bass isn?t getting a lot of time on the court while Williams hasn?t been doing enough to prove his abilities as a sixth-man. On the other hand, Hibbert is looking more efficient than the other players but he is ?still trying to rediscover himself? in the team.

There is still no official word on the status of the three players and there are still no reports on what team they could be traded to. So it?s safe to say that they are still staying for the time being.

Brook Lopez to the Boston Celtics?

Aside from the slump of the Los Angeles Lakers, the Brooklyn Nets are also in a tight spot with their already aggravating 2-9 win-loss record. This has made the franchise face heavy criticism and might force them to revamp their roster and start from scratch. However, their position for trading picks aren?t valuable enough to catch the attention of other teams, so the only way to obtain a new set of young talents will be to trade their older and veteran players, and that includes center Brook Lopez.

Rumors are circulating that there are three potential players that the Nets could trade this season, one of them being Lopez. And if there are any available teams that are willing to offer a contract for the big man, it would the Boston Celtics. The team owns a number of quality picks in the next NBA Draft that would probably give them key transactions to give them a boost in the NBA rankings.

NBA Trade Rumors 2015: What do you think about the move of the Los Angeles Lakers? And will Brook Lopez be enough to give the Brooklyn Nets a fresh start next season? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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