NBA Trade Rumors 2015: Houston Rockets To Trade Ty Lawson? Crawford Out Of Clippers?

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It seems that Ty Lawson?s stint at Houston could well be over just as soon as it started. According to rumors, the Houston Rockets are ?sniffing around the league for deals? due to his non-guaranteed contract. The team has been in a downward spiral since the beginning of the 2015-16 season and has encountered unexpected disasters with their head coach being fired.

And with James Harden slightly being out of tune lately, Ty Lawson should have been there to help strengthen the team but instead has been performing at below average standards. According to Steve Kyler from Basketball Insiders, ?As the Rockets search for ways to change, there is a belief that Lawson could be the first Rocket player moved.

?But given how poorly Lawson has played in Houston and his troublesome off-the-court history, it?s hard to imagine that Lawson alone is going to yield much in return,? he added. That would mean a larger trade-off for the team and slimmer chances of getting the guys that they want.

Jamal Crawford finally moves out of Los Angeles Clippers?

The Los Angeles Clippers are somehow managing their season with a number of wins but they have still yet to prove to be championship contenders, now more than ever because of their deep lineup. The team isn?t officially in the midst of dissolving some of the veteran players but if push comes to shove, the likely player going in the trading block would be Jamal Crawford.

The Clippers aren?t admitting to anything serious but by the looks of the way they?re going, the team is looking for a way to clinch another spot in getting that championship. So if Jamal Crawford would ever be put in the trading block, the likely chance they?ll have of getting a trade is very good.

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