NBA Trade News: Dwyane Wade Signs With BULLS? 48M Deal Rumored With 3rd Year Option

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Miami Heat fans will definitely be sad about this new NBA Trade News as sources say that their star shooting guard, Dwyane Wade, has already told the Chicago Bulls his intention of signing a 2-year contract with them, which is likely to be worth $48 million.

After 13 great seasons with the Heat that gave him three rings including a back-to-back NBA title in 2012 and 2013, it seems like Wade has already decided to leave the team that drafted him in 2003. According to sports writer Adrian Wojnarowski of The Verge, the all-star shooting guard has made up his mind and wants to join Chicago.

Wojnarowski stated that Wade is bound to sign a deal worth $48 million over two years with the Bulls. To make that possible, Chicago had to decline several contracts to clear salary-cap space. The team is expected to close the deal on Wednesday night. But the question is, why did Wade decide to sign with the Bulls given that the Denver Nuggets offered more money?

It was previously reported that the Nuggets offered a 2-year contract to the Heat star for $52 million. That was a bit north of what Wade was targeting on his free agency, which is a two-year $50 million deal. However, what the Bulls offered to him that the Nuggets and Heat did not is a possible third year contract. Sports writer Wojnarowski said that the Chicago Bulls management already has a ?partial agreement? with Wade regarding the issue.

Aside from the partially agreed third-year contract, Wade is also believed to be leaving the Miami Heat because he was disappointed that the organization prioritized the center Hassan Whiteside. On the other hand, the fact that Chicago was his childhood hometown, where he grew up watching his idol, the legend Michael Jordan, also seemed to contribute to Wade?s big decision.

Wade is about to join the newly reformed Bulls roster Rajon Rondo at point guard position and all-star Jimmy Butler, who is expected to move to the small forward position. It can be recalled that the Chicago Bulls recently got involved in an NBA Trade News when they decided to let go of their star Derrick Rose and sent him to the New York Knicks.

Now, with the Bulls acquisition of a great talent in the form of Wade, the Eastern Conference is expected to go on a royal rumble next season. Stay tune here on the TheBitBag for more NBA Trade News. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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