NBA Trade 2016: Demarcus Cousins Is Confirmed To Leave The Sacramento Kings?

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DeMarcus Cousins

NBA Trade rumors are saying that Demarcus Cousins will leave his present team, The Sacramento Kings. What really happened? Here you can check out.

The Sacramento Kings is not showing interest in buying the high-profile free agents. The Kings is not bothered about the senior players? departure. Cousins did not like Rajon Rondo?s exit from the team. Cousins and Rondo were like two pillars of the Kings. Now, Rajon Rondo is in Chicago Bulls. In an interview, Cousins confessed that he would hate to play against Rondo. Cousins does not really understand the Sacramento Kings? next move. ?Like I said, I can control what I can control. Management went their way,? Cousins said, according to SacBee. ?

A couple of days ago, Cousins had tweeted ?Lord give me the strength?. NBA fans speculated that something is really wrong between Kings and Cousins. ?The sad thing is it?s not as bad as people try to make it seem. Of course everybody is on the outside looking in, but we know about it on the inside. It?s getting us to that good place. We?ve hit some humps, we?ve had our mistakes, but I think we?re on the right path now,? Cousins said earlier.

Cousins has a problem with the coaches and the front office. He is called the ?coach killer?. The team had to change coaches many times due to Cousins? bad behaviour. He had also received a suspension order for misbehaving with the Spurs analyst Sean Elliot.

Cousins Will Go To Chicago Bulls?

Cousins scored 26.9 points with an average of 1.6 points per game last year. Many teams have him in mind. As per the rumor, Milwaukee Bucks is interested in signing a contract with Cousins. ?Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers also want a player from the Sacramento Kings. They may turn towards Cousins if Rudy Gay is demanding a big package. Earlier it was reported that Cleveland Cavaliers wants to trade Kevin Love for Demarcus Cousins. Because they ?want a player who can play both the power forward and center position. Cousins may prefer Chicago Bulls over other teams in order to join his favorite former teammate Rondo.

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