NBA Rumors: Spurs Targeting Pau Gasol in Free Agency?

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The NBA season is finally done with the Cleveland Cavaliers hoisting the coveted Larry O?Brien trophy. As LeBron James and the Cavs celebrate, the 29 other teams are already hard at work in trying to build a roster that will be able to compete in the next season. Among these teams is the San Antonio Spurs, which fell in the second round of last season?s playoffs. While the Spurs already had a talented roster, it seems that they want to make it even better as recent reports have indicated that the team will be targeting a top power forward in free agency.

According to FoxSports, the Spurs are reportedly going after Pau Gasol in free agency. The Chicago Bulls forward is said to be one of the Spur?s priority during free agency. The Bulls recently traded its hometown star Derrick Rose to the New York Knicks, and it appears they are ready to rebuild after missing out on last year?s playoffs. That would almost certainly mean that Gasol, who is intent at getting another ring, will be finding a new home for next season.

CBSSports reports that the Spurs would be a ?perfect fit? for the Spaniard as he would make a very nice addition to the already talented frontcourt. He could also serve to anchor the frontline in the event that veteran Tim Duncan decides to retire during the offseason.

The NBA Free Agency 2016 is expected to be a very busy time for the Spurs as they are also rumored to be targeting Kevin Durant. If they do land Durant or Gasol, the team is surely going to become even more lethal making them instant favorites to reach the NBA Finals.

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