NBA Playgrounds Updates To Add Substantial Features, Dev Blames Time Constraints For Missing Content

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NBA Playgrounds Update
Source: NBA Playgrounds – Gameplay Trailer | PS4 video

NBA Playgrounds developers Saber Interactive has recently told the fans that they plan to fill in missing features via updates soon. The developer explains that they had time constraints and licensing issues, hence the game’s lack of content. Currently, NBA Playgrounds works fine gameplay-wise but has problems in its multiplayer systems.

Stepping Up

As seen on the Nintendo Switch subreddit, Saber Interactive has accepted the lukewarm reviews of NBA Playgrounds. Most critics praised the title due to its fun gameplay, though it was bogged down by lack of content. The developers explained that they didn’t get some licenses and certifications before its target release date. Delaying the game for these certifications would be fatal for them as they’ll compete against 2K’s NBA 2K18. New features will be added to the game soon to make it up to the fans.

Redditors said the deveveloper’s comments can be found on ACG’s review video. However, as of writing, these comments can’t be found on the channel. It’s possible the statements were either removed or hidden. The developer quotes also can’t be verified right not, so take these statements with a grain of salt.

Lacking Features

As of the current build, NBA Playground’s multiplayer modes are too restricted. It’s also missing notable superstars on release. The Nintendo Switch version is the most equipped for local multiplayer due to its 4-player systems, but it doesn’t have online functionality. Meanwhile, the Steam version can play online but only 1-on-1 PvP with an AI teammate for each player. They promise to improve and add new content to make up for it.

Missing Superstars

The developers also note that they couldn’t get some famous players like Michael Jordan on their playable roster due to certification issues. Since Michael Jordan is tied to his own business brand, Saber Interactive has to get their legal approval if they don’t want to get sued. The developer said they’ll try adding Jordan if the game sells well.

A Good NBA Spinoff

At first glance, NBA Playgrounds looks heavily similar to the NBA spinoff titles like NBA Jam and NBA Street. However, Playgrounds’ style is more on the cartoonish side with players having larger heads than usual and doing excessive shots to land a score. However, its gameplay systems are shallow enough to encourage the players using overpowered tactics to defeat each other. In its current build, NBA Playgrounds seem to be the best for quick fun but not for competitive matches.

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