NBA Playgrounds Update 1.03 Adds Tons Of New Features On PS4, Launches On Xbox One And Nintendo Switch Soon

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NBA Playgrounds Update 1.1
NBA Playgrounds In-Game Screenshot [Image Courtesy Of PlayStation Store]

Saber Interactive has a few surprises in store for those who got their copies of NBA Playground as a new update for the game has just arrived. The new update adds a slew of new content for the title as it arrives first on the PlayStation 4 and PC. Here are all of the important details on NBA Playground update 1.03.

Release Details

NBA Playground update 1.03 just went live for the PlayStation 4 today. The same patch arrived on PC a few days ago, but it was labeled as update 1.1. The Xbox One and Nintendo Switch version will follow soon but there’s no exact release time yet. As for the file size, players should expect NBA Playground update 1.03 to have quite the size as it adds substantial content to the game.

Update Content

The official website of the game details all of the exciting content inside the update. Aside from the much needed fixes and tweaks, NBA Playground update 1.03 adds quite the amount of new features and other content for the game. Even better is that the features come in free of charge and players will only need to download the patch.

The star of the new update is the new Challenge Mode that allows players to challenge others to online matches. Players will need to share their challenge codes to the one they are challenging to begin the match up. Matches in Challenge Mode are unranked so players shouldn’t feel too much pressure.

Another neat feature coming to the update is a new Toxicity Sytem/Disconnection Manager. This new feature will reprimand players who abandon matches without surrendering. We’ve yet to know how the punishment will work but there could be temporary bans waiting for players who leave mid-match.

The update also adds new versions of Shaquille O’Neal from his various teams. Moreover, 15 new players have been added to the roster. The new superstars added are Dennis Rodman, Isaiah Thomas, Larry Bird, Giannis Antetokoumnpo, Kenny Smith, Gary Payton, Klay Thompson, Devin Booker, Tony Parker, Kemba Walker, Seth Curry, Tiny Archibald, John Starks, Tracy McGrady, and Pete Maravich.

For those having trouble getting the hang of making shots in the game, the developer has got it covered with a new shot meter. The new feature is intended to help players find the perfect timing for shots, dunks, and other maneuvers. It’s an optional feature and it can be disabled from the options menu. The shot meter is going to be accurate as the distance to the hoop and the player’s stats will be taken into consideration.

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