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NBA Live Mobile: iOS & Android Game Beats NBA 2K16

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NBA Live Mobile

NBA Live Mobile recently launched on Android and iOS devices, and the game seems to be beating NBA 2K16 in terms of gameplay experience and popularity. The game was launched on Tuesday, and during the first six hours, the app secured first position in the charts for the most downloaded iOS app. However, the graphics of the mobile game are obviously not as good as its console version NBA Live or even NBA 2K16, but the game?s physics is pretty impressive.

An industry report by Sensor Tower (via VentureBeat) suggests that the NBA Live Mobile iOS version has become the top downloaded app in a short period of time. The game jumped from the 28th position to the 1st in just a few hours. With its new NBA mobile game, EA Sports has a competitive edge over its rival 2K. The new mobile game has the potential to overtake the popular NBA 2K16. The reason behind this is NBA Live Mobile is a free-to-play game while NBA 2K16 on mobile costs US$8.

While EA?s mobile game is free, there are in-game purchases. NBA 2K16?s mobile version is at a good position in the Google Play Store charts, but it is obvious that free-to-play games easily stack up against the paid ones. Free-to-play titles record also easily earns more revenue and popularity.

As far as the gameplay is concerned, EA?s mobile game doesn?t disappoint fans, and it is said to be similar to the Madden titles. Those who have played the NBA games on console will easily understand the game.

NBA Live Mobile is all about building the Ultimate Team. It is about creating the best group of players. According to a report by Forbes, the game sometimes appears to be better than its console version. The logic behind a shot being missed or going in is better than NBA Live 16, the report suggests.

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