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NBA Live 18: What To Expect From EA’s Next Entry

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NBA Live 17 Release

EA Sports is looking to overthrow 2K Sports on their spot as the reigning and defending basketball king later this year. After having a year off, NBA Live is going to get another entry and we could be fully seeing the game soon. NBA 2K18 will have a fierce competitor in NBA Live 18 when both titles launch later this year.

We’ve yet to fully see NBA 2K18 but a recent leak suggests that the game is going along nicely. Gamers can expect new details soon as NBA Live will appear at EA Play this June. Since this isn’t the first NBA Live game ever, we can already expect a few things from this year’s title which is expected to launch later this Fall.

Amazing Visuals

EA prides themselves from having some neat visuals and graphics for their games and who are we to argue. As seen from the leak, EA Sport is going to set a new bar for visuals yet again in NBA Live 18 and when it comes to realism, it looks like the game is going to go all out.

The upcoming NBA Live is going to run on the new Frostbite Engine. It’s the engine that was used for the development of FIFA 17 and it’s the one to be used for Madden 18. As seen from FIFA 17, the Frostbite Engine is capable of some very detailed and refined visuals.

Gameplay Modes

Past NBA Lives have had a few game modes to keep players busy from time to time. Past titles had all the All-Star Weekend games in them. Players had access to three-point contests, slam dunk contests, and skills challenge in previous titles. Hopefully, EA Sports brings back a fun All-Star Weekend for the next game.

In the previous entry, NBA Live 16, EA added Live Run which plays similarly to MyPark in NBA 2K17. It’s a 5v5 online multiplayer mode that allows players to play in courts set indoors and outdoors. If EA Sports does decide to bring back the game mode, it should add a few new features for it to compete with NBA 2K17’s MyPark.

Career Mode

One of the best features of NBA 2K17 was the in-depth MyCareer mode that featured more than just basketball games. It was an immersive experience that put players in the shoes of their custom character. With Madden 18 also having a similar story-focused experience like FIFA 17’s The Journey mode, it’s possible EA Sport’s NBA Live 18 will also have this feature.

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