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NBA Live 18 The One: What We Know So Far From EA’s New Game Mode

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nba live 18
NBA Live 18 will be showcased in EA Play. [Image from EA]

After being missing in action, EA will try their hands at basketball games again with the upcoming NBA Live 18. The series has lagged behind the superior NBA 2K series from 2K games, which the company is trying to rectify. While the visuals are great, and the gameplay looks more fluid, EA is banking on The One mode for success.

Constantly teased by the company during previews, EA even stated that the gameplay recorded came from that very mode. It seems like we will be seeing the mode in action during EA Play, so basketball fans should tune in. Lengthy sports campaigns are all the rage these days, and The One could be EA’s answer to similar modes.

The Best One?

During an interview with Slam Online, the company hyped up the improved gameplay of this year’s NBA Live 18. The One will be playable during EA Play, so fans can finally see what the hype is all about. “It’s all about you and your path through the NBA and the streets,” producer Mike Mahar told Slam Online.

Since EA’s NBA Live reveal event, it’s been speculated that the mode will be similar to the My Career modes of 2K Games, so that’s interesting. No one will mind the similarities, but fans want to see how the mode stands out compared to others. Only time will tell if it bests modes like The Journey from FIFA 17, but fans are willing to give it a chance. Despite the NBA 2K series being better, fans wouldn’t mind having an alternative to the yearly series, hence the excitement.

The Only One?

EA might have a decent track record with their games, but the Live series has struggled in recent years. The company realized this and didn’t even bother releasing a new entry last year to learn from their mistakes. NBA Live 18 could be the company’s way to get into the good graces of basketball fans again.

Competition is always good and some basketball fans want the new NBA Live game to do really well this year. While the NBA 2K series has always done well, some fans feel like it’s gotten a bit stale recently. Far from bad of course, but the yearly installments tend to feel formulaic after a while, which can be said for all sports games.

NBA Live 18 will be released this fall, but will be appearing in EA Play this weekend from June 10 to 12. This is the first Live game after the disastrous NBA Live 16, so EA is hoping this game ends up being better.

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