NBA Live 18 Gameplay: All Details Revealed At EA’s Event

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NBA Live 18

EA’s recent NBA Live 18 event revealed gameplay details to the public. NBA Live 18’s unique features and focus were also discussed. Here’s what we know about the NBA Live 18 gameplay details.

Signature Player Quirks

According to Agent 00’s video, EA confirmed that they’ll include more signature player movement in NBA Live 18 to improve the game’s feel. NBA fans know that players have certain quirks on the hard court. Russell Westbrook popping off and Lebron James showing off after blocking a shot attempt are some of these signature player quirks. Showing these quirks in the game makes players feel more familiar when they play their favorite superstars.

Ultimate Team Mode Returns

Ultimate Team mode from NBA Live 16 is also confirmed to make a comeback in NBA Live 18. This feature works similarly to the collectible card modes of other sports games. EA’s NBA Live 16 had cards with special versions like Specialist, Short Term, and Master players. We’ve yet to know the exact details of NBA Live 18’s version of this system.

According to the official EA NBA Live site, the Specialist characters have a specific stat bonus which can be helpful for building rosters right. Meanwhile, the Short Term players are strong cards which have limited use. Lastly, the Master players belong to their own league and can be used to get the game’s best card.

Other sports games just follows a simple system where the best characters are lined up according to their rarity. Better rarity usually means a pool of stronger players to pick from. The NBA 2K series’ version of Ultimate Team is the “MyTeam” mode where players collect the best characters to form a team and use them on the court.

Potential Story Mode

NBA Live 18 might have a story mode based from the event’s “The One,” logo bannered throughout the event. Attendees speculate this is the name of the story mode. Based on the name, it seems players will build up a created character to prominence in the NBA itself and make decisions for themselves. Team drafts, shoe deals, training, and possibly interacting with other NBA players are the usual features in story modes of the NBA games from 2K.

Sports games stories have become cliché due to their repetitive plot but are still entertaining for most of its fans. Nonetheless, it’s still of value for those who enjoy single-player content. Additionally, becoming an NBA superstar is definitely a dream for most basketball fans. We’ll just have to wait for more announcements or the game’s release itself if EA will try something different this time.

NBA Live 18 Release Date

EA confirmed that NBA Live 18 will be released in Fall 2017. According to EA’s quarterly financials call posted last May 9, NBA Live 18 will also be released with other EA’s annual sports titles like FIFA, Madden, and NHL. For now, sports fans will just have to wait for EA’s exact release date announcements to finally see these titles soon.

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