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NBA Live 18 Playable At EA Play 2017, NBA 2K17 Fans Root For EA’s Basketball Game

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Will NBA Live redeem itself? [Image from PlayStation]

It looks like EA wants to get back to dribbling, as NBA Live 18 was announced for June’s EA Play. The event will have playable games from the company, including a new Need for Speed and Star Wars Battlefront 2. Fans are pretty excited for the event, including the ones who play the NBA 2K series, which is interesting.

When EA Play was announced, fans of the NBA 2K series showed their support for a new game on Reddit. NBA 2K17 was the only official pro basketball game last year, so fans are excited to have an alternative. Fans can only hope that it’s a good game though, since the NBA Live series doesn’t have a good reputation.

A Positive Alternative?

Fans of the 2K series want NBA Live 18 to do well so that they can have an alternative if they’re tired of the 2K formula. It’s similar to how some fans are excited for the new Fire Pro Wrestling game, since the WWE 2K series has been the only wrestling game in previous years. Simply put, fans are pulling for EA to do well so that they can have a more unique basketball simulator.

Gamers have joked on the aforementioned Reddit forum that EA is the lesser of two evils right now. While NBA 2K17 wasn’t a bad game, some fans felt like it was more of the same and felt that there was barely anything new. They also want the new NBA Live game to be fun, so EA better do well of this franchise could go back to obscurity.

Some also feel that each NBA 2K entry recently has made it more difficult to earn Virtual Currency in-game, forcing them to spend money on microtransactions. In NBA 2K, Virtual Currency is for upgrade player-created characters, buying card packs for MyTeam mode, and plenty more.

What’s NBA Live?

Despite the positive support for NBA Live 18, previous games have not been popular with fans, as this Destructoid article points out. This is probably why EA decided not to release an NBA game last year, so that they could polish up this year’s game. Basketball fans want more alternative games to play, so hopefully this title will do the trick for those tired of NBA 2K.

It’s clear that EA wants to compete with the NBA 2K games this year, after not making NBA Live 17. The company also has other sports games that will be shown off, but this title could help them redeem themselves to basketball fans. With many wanting an alternative hoops game, this could be the game they’re looking for, assuming it’s a good one.

While NBA Live 18 will be playable in EA Play from June 10 till June 12, the company has yet to announce the game’s release date. Tickets for the event will be purchasable on April 20.

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