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NBA Live 18 Off-Screen Image Already Looks Better Than NBA 2K17

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Will NBA Live redeem itself? [Image from PlayStation]

The upcoming NBA 2K18 is one of the most anticipated sports titles and that’s probably because 2K Sports has produced amazing games in recent years. Basketball fans have had their work cut out for them in the past years as it has been a while since NBA 2K had a competitor out in the market. That could change this year as NBA Live 18 is looking to be solid competition.

A leaked gameplay footage from the upcoming NBA Live 18 is currently circulating around the web and basketball fans couldn’t be more excited about the upcoming title. As usual, EA Sports will be at the helm of the title and visuals are once again the primary focus of the developer for the upcoming title.

The leaked image reveals just how much better the visuals of NBA Live 18 is as compared to the NBA 2K games. Although we’ve yet to see just how well the graphics of NBA 2K18 will improve, it looks like 2K Sports will have to really work hard in surpassing what EA Sports has to offer.

The sweat of the players, LeBron James in this case, is more detailed than in any other sporting title released to date. If looked at closely enough, it’s easy to see just how detailed the players are in the upcoming title. Even the hands are refined to let us see the veins and other physical attributes of the players. Simply put, the upcoming title looks more real than any other basketball game ever.

Although blurred, we can see that even the audience in the background are detailed. EA Sports is likely to refine even the audience for a more authentic experience. In other sports titles, the audience is rarely given attention by the developers.

The upcoming NBA Live game having amazing visuals shouldn’t be a surprise though as the game will be running on the Frostbite Engine. It’s the first time that NBA Live will run on the engine and we’ve seen the wonders of it in FIFA 17 last year.This is a big step for EA if it hopes on overtaking NBA 2K’s spot as the best basketball game.

It looks like EA Sports has done good on the game’s visual aspects but we’ve yet to see how the game plays out. We’ll get to see it eventually and EA Sports really has to step up gameplay-wise.

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