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NBA Live 17: Top Features It Needs To Win Over NBA 2K17 Fans

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NBA Live 17

The NBA season is currently in full swing, but we still haven?t heard from NBA Live 17. The next installment of EA Sports? The struggling basketball sim opted to skip the traditional September/October release window to avoid a head to head showdown with 2K Sports? industry leading NBA 2K17. With the All-Star break just around the corner, one would assume that EA is looking to debut its new look NBA Live soon. What does it have to do snap the NBA 2K dynasty? Read on to find out.

How NBA Live 17 Can Be A Slam Dunk

One of the things Live got right it?s last go around was how it handled its player creation and customization. Out of the box, EA?s face-scanning GameFace technology was far easier to use than 2K?s equivalent. 2K Sports did make major strides this year with the introduction of mobile-scanning via smart phones, but EA can definitely compete if they improve their system further. NBA Live also has no Virtual Currency system in place, so players can?t just drop a ton of real money to upgrade their player.

Next up, the Frostbite Engine. EA has made a big deal of its decision to switch its entire catalogue of sports titles onto its flagship game engine. We know that the technology is capable of producing some gorgeous visuals and realistic physics, so we?re expecting that to be reflected in NBA Live 17. Part of being a ?simulation? is looking and feeling the part, so Frostbite needs to deliver on this end.

Finally, EA needs to try harder to leverage the nostalgia of past Live titles. There are still a lot of gamers who remember the glory days of the franchise, when iconic game modes like the Dunk Contest made it a perennial fan favourite. Can you imagine playing an old-school NBA Live dunk contest online?

What else do you think NBA Live 17 needs to make an impression on the court? Let us know in the comments below.

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