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NBA Live 17: Why EA’s Game Needs To Be Better Than NBA 2K17

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NBA Live 17

NBA 2K is currently the undisputed king of basketball games. Years ago, the genre was joined in by a few tough competitors including NBA Street, NBA The Life and NBA Live. The first two titles have long been gone, but NBA Live is still alive and kicking. We?ve yet to see another entry in the series, but there?s a good reason why the next game, NBA Live 17, should be a big success.

For Variety

Despite both being basketball titles, NBA 2K and NBA Live both offer diverse gaming experiences for players. The gameplay mechanics of both titles differ in some way, and there are some unique features between each title as well. It would be better if players would have the choice of picking between the two games.

Having more competition would also encourage NBA 2K to create a better game. The biggest complaint this year for NBA 2K17 is how essential it is to purchase Virtual Currency in order to have a decent MyPlayer character in MyCarer mode, which hugely contradicts the game’s plot that your character starts off as one of the best players in the league.

All-Star Weekend

NBA 2K has been the more successful title between the two as of late. Despite this, NBA Live is still on the lead in one particular area. NBA Live games always have an excellent All-Star experience. Players are given access to three-point shootouts, Skills challenge and even Slam Dunk Contests in the game. If NBA Live 17 does get released, fans can expect another amazing All-Star experience.


EA Sports titles are always a sight for the eyes. Although NBA 2K17 is a visually impressive title, we?re sure that NBA Live 17 will do even better now that the company is using the latest Frostbite Engine on almost all their games, including Battlefield 1 and FIFA 17. Fans can expect highly detailed character models, courts and others in the next NBA Live game. Aside from that, EA Sports is also likely to pursue a realistic in-game physics in the next title. With the current gen of consoles offering more and more room for improvements with each year, the next NBA Live title will surely be an excellent simulation of basketball.

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