NBA Free Agency: Kevin Durant Could Sign With Spurs?

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NBA Free Agency 2016

Kevin Durant is undoubtedly one of the biggest superstars in the NBA today. He is not only a gifted scorer but he has refined his game to improve as a whole over the past couple of season. Unfortunately for KD, he has yet to book a trip back to the NBA Finals and that may be the reason why he is keeping his options open when it comes to NBA Free Agency 2016. While he is surely going to be the hottest free agent in the market, the recent news reveal that Durant signing with the Spurs is not as far-fetched as many would think.

According to Forbes, one of the teams who could have the chance of signing Durant in Free Agency is the San Antonio Spurs. Yes, you may think that the with Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, LaMarcus Aldridge and budding superstar Kawhi Leonard there would be no more room for KD but you would be mistaken.

While the Spurs may not be able to offer the most money to Durant, they can offer a winning atmosphere and a young core that could compete for a very long time. It?s no wonder why KD agreed to listen to the Spurs? plan as ESPN reports that San Antonio is one of the teams that Durant is planning to have a face-to-face meeting with. This is in addition to other teams on his radar, such as the Warriors, the Celtics, the Heat and the LA Clippers.

While it remains to be seen how the Spurs can manage their salary cap to make an offer to KD, the fact that the young superstar has agreed to meet with them is certainly a very positive step. Will he end up signing with the Spurs or will he stay with the Oklahoma City Thunder once more. Be sure to check back here soon to find out the answer.

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