NBA Finals 2016 Game 5 Rumors: Draymond Green Suspended?

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Draymond Green Suspended

The NBA Finals 2016 has lived up to the hype and has brought us some intense playoff basketball action between the two best teams in the league. The Golden State Warriors looks poised to clinch the title in Game 5 of the NBA Finals as they now lead the Cleveland Cavaliers 3-1 in the series. All they need now is a single win and they will have closed the chapter on a historic season on a high note.

Still, the Cavs will not go down without a fight and the Warriors can surely expect Cleveland to give it their all. Golden State may likewise be facing the Cavs in Game 5 a little short-handed as there is a possibility that Draymond Green will be suspended for the game due to the scuffle he had with LeBron James.

In the closing moments of the fourth quarter in Game 4, Green fell to the ground and James walked over him. Green then quickly bounced back up and seemingly swung his right hand in the groin area of James. While this may be a simple innocent swing for any other player, the same cannot be said for Draymond as ESPN reports that he has previously been fined $25,000 for a kick to the groin of OKC big man Steven Adams.

Green has already escaped suspension for the incident with Adams but this time around he may be facing more than just a fine. According to a report from Rotoworld, there is ?growing concern? in the Warriors camp that Green could be suspended for Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

It is worth noting that Green only needs one more flagrant foul to receive a one-game suspension so it will be interesting to see what the NBA league office has to say about the incident. The Cavs vs Warriors Game 5 will be happening this Monday, July 13 at 9:00 PM ET. Tune in to the game and find out if Draymond will indeed be sitting this one out or will he be able to suit up and try to get the final win that will earn them the title.


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