NBA All Star 2017: How To Cast Votes Online

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NBA All Star 2017

The NBA All Star Voting 2017 is already in full swing. The voting has started since December 25 of last year. If you still don’t know how to casts your votes, all is not lost. We’ll show you every possible way to on how to cast your votes online so you can catch up to the action right now!

You can fill up a balllot every day with a strict 24 hour time gap between ballot cast. You can fill up your ballot on the official voting page at from your computer or smart device. Voters can pick three frontcourt players and two guards for starters.

NBA App:

Another way to cast your ballots is through use of the official NBA app. The app is easily accessible and free on both iOS and Android. Just as the web ballots, fans only cast one ballot per day.

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NBA All Star 2017 Facebook

You can vote on Facebook too! To do this, simply post the player’s first and last name and then add the hashtag #NBAVOTE. You can also do this by simply commenting on another Facebook post. Note that each post can only have one player’s name but you can post and vote for 10 different players each day.


You can also vote through Twitter! To vote through Twitter, you simply need to either Tweet, retweet, or reply the NBA player’s first and last name with the hastag #NBAVOTE. You can also replace the player’s name with their respective Twitter handles as well. Just like Facebook, you can vote up to 10 different players each day.

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Google Search

Finally you can even cast your votes easily with a simple Google Search. To do this, search  “NBA Vote Team Name” or “NBA Vote All-Star”. Simply replace words with the voting cards from teams and players and you should have something like: “NBA Vote Celtics”. You can vote 10 different players each day.

First Round

The first round of voting has been revealed by the NBA last Thursday. The results were quite peculiar but worry not because although the fan vote carries some weight, it will not fully determine the 2017 All-Star starters.

Fans constitute the majority of the ballot at 50 percent, while both NBA players and select media members hold 25 percent each. 

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