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NBA 2k18 APK Release Update: Yes, PS3 & Xbox 360 Will Still Carry The Game

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Slated for a September 19 release, fans everywhere are excited for NBA 2K18, since it will essentially come out for all consoles. The fact that it’s still coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360 is surprising, so mobile fans are hoping it will also come to smartphones and tablets. Fans without smartphones or tablets – but have computers, so that’s confusing – are also hoping to get the NBA 2K18 APK.

To those unfamiliar with APKs, these are programs that lets gamers play mobile titles on their PC for higher definition. It’s how some people were able to illegally play Pokemon GO, though Niantic has taken measures to stop those players from breaking the game. Since NBA games have been coming to mobile devices in recent years, it wouldn’t be impossible to see NBA 2K18 get one.

Only time will tell if we get a mobile port, which will lead to an NBA 2K18 APK  version for those without smartphones or tablets. Prior mobile ports of the NBA 2K games were quite popular, so no one can blame fans for wanting that experience on their phone or tablet. Also, not everyone owns a console – current-gen or last-gen – so fans would appreciate a mobile version to play on the go.

While the game’s mobile future is unclear, it looks like NBA 2K18 will still be readily available for anyone with a gaming console. PS3 and Xbox 360 owners can get the game, which might be the last time they can get a basketball game for their older consoles, so they can appreciate using an updated roster. PS4, XBox One, PC and Nintendo Switch owners will get the most up to date version, with a ton of gameplay and graphical improvements.

NBA 2K18 will be available on September 19 for pretty much every console, so an APK version is inevitable. The Legend edition features Shaq as the special cover star.

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