NBA 2K17MyPark: Win Matches Easily And Increase Your Rep

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NBA 2K17 MyPark

The NBA 2K17 MyPark system allows players to play some Street Basketball and have a ton of unlockables waiting for them if they level up. Winning matches consistently will definitely skyrocket your Rep in that game mode, allowing you to get all the cosmetic animations, clothes and even Virtual Currency. Here?s a quick guide to help you get NBA2K17 MyPark Rep faster.

Have Two Post Scorer Centers

According to ShootEveryone?s video, having two Post Scorer Centers is good in racking NBA2K17 MyPark wins for your Rep. Currently, the game?s meta is still slightly lax on shooting accuracy, and these Centers can shoot well if built correctly. Centers are mostly good in defense, so they?re best picks for guarding enemy players and recovering a ball for a rebound. Additionally, the fast break advantage is negated as players can play in half court if needed.

Play Well

Technically, you?ll still need to play well and win matches to earn your Rep. With your character advantage, play strong defense and take possession of the ball at every chance. Make sure to aim for sure shots rather than frustrating your enemy with your position advantage. Do everything you can to keep the lead and never show any openings out of overconfidence.

Due to your Center-focused lineup, your weaknesses are in speed and ball-handling. Remember to pass a lot and prevent chances for getting double teamed. Focus on preventing an enemy on their way back if they manage to retrieve a ball that flies too far away from the three-point line. If you played much of the MyCareer mode, the basic skills you learned in that mode may translate well in this smaller and more focused game mode.

Enjoy Your Rep bonuses

Once you?ve won through many NBA 2K17 MyPark matches, it?s time to style up and get the MyPark exclusive cosmetics. Players can also focus on MyPark badges to further improve their character?s stats. If you got a strong character, you can now opt to join the game?s more competitive events like Rival Day, House Rules, and Mountain Dew 3x Tournament. Stay updated on more NBA 2K17 MyPark news.

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