NBA 2k17 Vs NBA 2k16: What Major Differences Should We Consider?

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The much-anticipated NBA 2K17 is less than a day from hitting the stores across the globe. Prior to its release, here?s ?a quick look on the changes the video game is bringing to you.

After the release of the NBA 2K16 last year, for sure there were some fans who have wondered what could the next edition of the game bring to them. This because the game was already amazing resulting to fans thinking that it was already the best. Indeed, it was top of the line last year, because the upcoming 2K17 will surely overshadow its predecessor.

There are two main changes coming in the game. First, is its MyCareer Mode and of course, the presentation. Let us tackle them one by one.

NBA 2K17 MyCareer

It can be recalled that last year, every gamer experienced ?Livin Da Dream.? The producers decided to add a unique and interesting storyline in the game. However, a lot of fans were complaining about it. According to them, the story did not connect well with the NBA 2K Series.

As a result, the developers took the story mode style away from the game. They made the series a more freedom-based career mode with a little touch of ?storyline?. The MyCareer mode will feature Justice Young. He will play with your character for the same team once you make it in the NBA. It will spark the relationship between the two which will play a huge part in the ?storyline? of your character.

NBA 2K17 Presentation

There are a lot of changes happening in the presentation of the game as well. For starters, it will feature 30 arenas with different sounds. The game?s predecessor almost had the same audio for every basketball court. That is what makes 2K17 standout.

Reports reveal that sound recorders traveled to all 30 arenas to capture the precise sounds in the location. From the sound of the ball when dribbling to the sound of the referee?s whistle.

Aside from that, there are also 11 commentators in the game. The location will be the basis on who will talk during the game. The crowd?s reactions have been improved as well. For example, if the game is close, and a player hit a game-winner, the gamer will really feel the intensity of the audience. It will make the experience more real as if you were really watching the game live.

Furthermore, if the game was a blowout, some fans might leave the arena early, which really happens in real life. In short, 2K17 has really a lot to offer compared to its predecessor. Huge changes are going to be evident and it will make playing the game more amazing.

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