NBA 2K17 VR: 3-Point Contest, Time Attack, And What To Expect From 2K’s PlayStation VR Experience

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2K Games has already confirmed that the NBA 2K17 VR version will come out for PlayStation VR. As per a recent leak, 2K is bringing some mini games in the?PlayStation VR experience. The challenges include a 3-point contest, time attack, skill challenge course, and party tournament. According to the leak, there are 13 trophies for the NBA 2K17 VR experience.

Trickster, Shootster and Speedster are three of the 13 trophies coming to NBA 2K17 in virtual reality. These trophies include the abovementioned challenges and can be played in Solo Mode at any difficulty level. The website Exophase revealed the list of PS4 trophies that will be available for players when the NBA 2K17 VR?content arrives.

Other than the first three trophies, there will be more challenges coming to the game which will reward players with different trophies. Here’s the list of leaked trophies.

  • Party Time:?Complete any Party Single Event, on any difficulty (main user only).
  • Friend Zone:?Complete a Party Tournament, on any difficulty (main user only).
  • Fueled Up:?Consume every type of boost, and complete a game with each boost, in SOLO mode.
  • Tricked Out:?Unlock all Skills Challenge Courses, on any difficulty, in SOLO mode.
  • The Alternator:?Sink every other shot in a Three-Point game, on any difficulty, in SOLO mode.
  • Ultimate Challenger:?Reach challenge 10 (and sink the basket successfully) on Buzzer Beater, in SOLO mode.
  • Three-Point Master:?Complete a Three-Point game without missing a single shot, on Pro difficulty, in SOLO mode.
  • Time Lord:?Achieve a catch-to-release time of less than 10.0 seconds and never miss a shot, on Pro or All-Star difficulty in Buzzer Beater, in SOLO mode.
  • Sink King:?Complete a Time Attack game without missing a single shot, on any difficulty, with at least 15 successful baskets, in SOLO mode.
  • Missin? Impossible:?Complete Course 10 of Skills Challenge on All-Star difficulty, without a single miss, in SOLO mode.

Players with PS4 Pro and PSVR will undoubtedly get stunning visuals. Now that the trophy details are out, it seems that the company will soon roll out NBA 2K17 VR?content.

It is still unknown if this will either be a standalone game or a content add-on for the base game. Making this VR experience free for existing owners of the game will surely please fans.

However, the developer hasn?t confirmed the legitimacy of such leaks, so it is better to wait for the official statement before driving at any conclusion. It is also unknown if this VR experience will make its way to other platforms.?

It?would be interesting to see how the studio manages to maintain the fun within the limitations of virtual reality. Make sure to check out TheBitBag for the latest news on NBA 2K17.?

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