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NBA 2K17 VC Error? How To Redeem Virtual Currency

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NBA 2K17

Those who pre-ordered NBA 2K17 are facing problems with the virtual currency. There is a problem with pre-order bonuses as some players reported that they failed to?get the virtual currency bonus even after three days the early access period started.

According to 2K Games, the virtual currency bonuses should be added to the players? account automatically once they get into the game. According to the company, players can simply head to the MyTeam area to redeem their virtual currency. 2K Games announced bonus virtual currencies for all?the editions?as part of the early tip-off.

Players who also wish to purchase VC on the store are unable to do so. This issue might be fixed?shortly after the game officially launches on September 20 as players reportedly experienced this problem in past installments.

Those who wish to purchase the NBA 2K17 virtual currency can head to the official store or GameStop to buy them. Players can get 75,000 virtual currency at the price of US$19.99. Players who wish to buy more need to shell out US$99.99 to get 450,000 virtual currency.

The virtual currency in NBA 2K17 can be used to purchase various items from the 2K Store. Players can buy clothes, accessories, tattoos, shoes and so much more by using them. There are ways through which players can simply earn virtual currency. As you progress in the game, you?ll definitely earn them depending on your achievements. ?There are also ways through which you can simply farm currency in NBA 2K17.

To get virtual currency for free, players need to head to the MyLeague area, where they can simply simulate matches. The longer the CPU players play, the more virtual currency you will earn. 2K Games also gives away some virtual currency for free when you download the NBA 2K17 companion app. The most authentic and reliable way to earn virtual currency is My Career Mode, where you can simply take the challenges and progress. It will give you a decent amount of virtual currency. The farming methods will not work in the Prelude.

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