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NBA 2K17 VC: Earn 50,000 Virtual Currency Easily In MyPark

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There are multiple ways to get NBA 2K17 VC. Playing through the game’s career mode or using real money are easy ways to get them. However, there is an even easier way to get a lot of VC in the game. Players merely have to play some games in The Stage in MyPark.

Yes, the easiest way to gain money in the game is through gambling. This is also the easiest way to lose money, but that’s the risk all players have to take. Granted, they could just buy currency, but no one wants to do that. It might be the riskiest way, but it’s also the easiest.

High Stakes

According to YouTube uploader Daryus P, this is the easiest way for NBA 2K17 VC. Once again, it is also the riskiest way to get money. After all, if a player bets 5,000 VC, they can also lose that much VC. That being said, they gain double if they win. They just have to bet on the right team.

It’s actually kind of funny how the game has a gambling system. Granted it’s not actual money, but it’s still humorous. This shouldn’t really be a problem if the player is really skilled in the game.

Practice Games

Just to be safe, players should probably practice by playing a lot. MyPark has always been a fun mode for fans and should help players test their mettle. This way, they can gauge their skills and wonder if the payoff is worth it. To be fair, anything is better than paying real money for virtual currency.

Still, if players really want extra money, this method is alright. It requires the player to be really good in the game, which is fine. Basketball is all about skill after all, so playing these games for NBA 2K17 VC is a decent idea.

NBA 2K17 is out now. The game is available on current-gen and last-gen consoles. Are there easier ways to get?NBA 2K17 VC without cheating? Let us know in the comments section below.

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