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NBA 2K17 VC Cheats: Unlimited Virtual Currency Exploit

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Like most games these days, there are NBA 2K17 VC Cheats. This is used to unlock new aesthetics?and arenas, among other things. It has been a staple for sports games, so it’s no surprise seeing it in this one. What’s a bit more surprising is that there is a glitch for easy money this early in the game’s release.

Fans are probably pleased with this development, while 2K Games will try to fix this. Furthermore, this trick might tick off fans of the game’s online multiplayer. This trick actually requires the player to be online and start matches, which is quite troublesome, to say the least.

Foul Tricks On NBA 2K17

According to YouTube user Moneyboss, players have to start an online match at Tier 14. This is the type of match that gets the most money in NBA 2K17. After this, players can choose a team of their choice as they take on their online opponent. When this happens, players need to let the opponent win the ball toss. This is where things get interesting.

Once the opponent has taken the ball, the player must immediately commit?a foul. This can be done by roughing up the opposing player. Once the foul has been made official, players must then quit the game, which will automatically net them a virtual currency as a reward. Players can spam this trick twice, before restarting their game and doing the NBA 2K17 VC Cheats again.

Virtual Tricks, Real Consequences?

Considering the amount of online complaints that games like Street Fighter 5 receive, this trick might not last long. Online play is really important to some fans, and doing this trick might ruin fun for them. The choice is up to the player after all.

Still, fans shouldn’t be surprised to see this glitch fixed in the near future. If that’s the case though, they might want to use this glitch as much as possible. Those extra jerseys for characters should feel good to hardcore NBA fans. They should be easy to get with these NBA 2K17 VC Cheats if they’re willing to risk getting their account suspended or banned.?

NBA 2K17 is available now on PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360, along with Windows PC for those who pre-ordered the game. The game is available in standard and legendary editions. ?

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