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NBA 2K17 VC: Best Ways To Get Free VC

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NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 isn?t all about winning games and scoring baskets. There?s a lot more to the game that players can unlock. To get the hidden gems within NBA 2K17, players need to get VC or virtual currency. There?s a lot of ways to get VC in the game, but the tutorials really don?t point to what exact actions reward players with VC. Here?s our NBA 2K17 VC guide to make your VC hunting easier.

MyCareer Mode

Playing MyCareer mode will always get players NBA 2K17 VC as long as players are connected to the internet. For more VC, it?s best to aim for an A+ rating with each game. Playing through the entire season would reap a lot of VC, especially if you locked down a great shoe deal.?

Hall of Fame Difficulty

As hard as it sounds, players should always go for the Hall of Fame difficulty when playing any match. After each Hall of Fame difficulty game, players will be rewarded with at least 1,000 VC depending on how they do.


NBA 2K17 has a companion app, and inside that app is a card game. Playing the card game rewards players with a small amount of VC. Players can get a certain amount of VC from the companion app; however, there?s a limit to how much they can get per day. It?s not a good source for big VC, but there?s still a lot players can get if they check the app at least once per day.


Upon starting the game, there will be short clips from NBA 2KTV. Answering correctly will reward players with a few VC.


MyLeague rewards players with a lot of VC, and what?s good about it is that players don?t have to do much to earn VC in the mode. By simulating games, players can get a sum of VC whether or not they win.

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