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NBA 2K17 Update 1.07 Live On PS4! Over-dribbling Shot Penalties, Badge Changes And More! Xbox One And PC Patch Soon

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NBA 2K17 Update 1.07

Recently, 2K Gameplay Director Mike Wang announced the over-dribbling penalties coming to the next NBA 2K17 update. Meanwhile, ?some fans have also spotted some changes in the game?s systems and badges. Here?s what we know so far about the NBA 2K17 update 1.07.

Over-dribbling Penalties

According to Mike Wang?s Twitter account, shot accuracy penalties will now be more felt after overdribbling in the new NBA 2K17 update. This change encourages players to look for open spots effectively and pass more often when they have the ball. Due to the over-dribbling penalty, players cannot rely too much on opening enemy defense through successful ankle breaks and positioning outplays. At best, try to use your team to focus on making openings rather than relying on regular man-to-man offense and defense.

Other Changes

According to NBA2kLab?s post on the NBA 2K17 Reddit, they found changes on the game?s Pick Pocket, Deadeye, and Hustle Rebounder badges. Moreover, NBA2kLab also noticed some changes regarding the effect of a character?s weight to their success rates for nailing?dunks. Notable differences were found on every studied stat and could possibly extend to the other game systems that they haven?t tested yet. Players are encouraged to take a feel of their usual moves if they got changed in the new NBA 2K17 update 1.07.

Patch Notes?

Currently, NBA 2K still hasn?t posted the full patch notes on their Facebook page. The last patch notes update was posted on the NBA 2K Facebook page last November 22. 2K needs to announce the game?s new patch notes to help the players understand the new update. According to throwawayjfromafar?s thread on the NBA 2K17 Reddit, there?s a 7.523GB file on the PS4, but fans don?t have an idea on what it contains.

Potentially, the large NBA 2K17 update may have changed the game?s meta in which players can enjoy rediscovering again. However, players need to understand which systems were changed or not through the patch notes to have a headstart. Up until 2K releases the patch notes, their fanbase may settle on testing out every game system to know the new update?s favored playstyle.

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