NBA 2K17 Update 1.07: Game Director Reveals What’s Changed And What Hasn’t In Latest Patch

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There?s a new update now live for the PlayStation 4 version of NBA 2K17, and it?s pretty big update at that. The new update will definitely bring a lot of changes to the game as it takes up quite a hefty amount of space. Considering that it takes up quite a few gigs of space, what changes will NBA 2K17 update 1.07 bring?

Over at Twitter, Game Director Mike Yang revealed the changes that NBA 2K17 update 1.07 would have in a series of tweets. There are no patch notes for the update as of now, so Yang?s tweets are all we have to see what the 7.5 GB update will bring.

Gameplay Changes

Yang said, ?By over-dribbling, I mean with Left Stick running around (zig zagging, left/right-ing back and forth, etc.).? Yang continued, ?We had this same anti-cheese code in 2K16. Turns out it wasn?t working in 17 so we fixed it. Doing legit RS dribble moves won?t be affected.? Yang notes that Shot Creator archetypes should pretty much like the patch. This is because ball hoarders will have difficulty in landing successful shots without help from their teammates.

However, he states that players with a good shoot off dribble rating will feel the less amount of impact from the patch. Another change in the update is the contested shot nerf, but the changes will only be in effect at Pro-Am and MyPark mode.

Players seem happy about the new update and according to a Reddit thread, the update is one of the best ?gameplay tweaks to date. For now players are still only discovering more and more changes in the game and we can expect them to fully unearth the NBA 2K17 patch soon.

2K Sports will probably reveal a patch note soon on their Facebook page. The update is a whopping 7.5 GB patch, so there are bound to be a lot of changes.

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