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NBA 2K17: How To Unlock Custom Jump Shot Creator

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NBA 2K17

Players can now create custom jumpshots in NBA 2K17. From unlocking the custom jumpshot feature to using it to create your own, here?s a simple step-by-step method which you can follow. In unlocking the custom jumpshots, players will get a notification from Coach K about the feature.

Jump To MyCareer Mode

Players will need to go to the MyCareer mode and finish several matches in the first season if they want to create custom jump shots in NBA 2K17, . After some basketball matches, you should receive a text message from?Coach K and make sure to check it out. The only way to unlock the custom jumpshots is by checking this notification. You can simply check if you have any such message. If you missed it or did not receive it, there?s no other way but to wait for Coach K to send a message again. Based on a discussion on Reddit, getting Coach K’s message seems to be random and it might?appear anytime while playing MyCareer mode.?

According to players who were able to unlock the feature, the more you play MyCareer mode, the more chances there are to get the custom jumpshots in NBA 2K17. Those who have joined the NBA bandwagon for the first time should note that creating custom jump shots helps players in many ways.

By creating your own custom jump shots, you get a wider opportunity to make brilliant shots. You can simply decide on how you jump and release the ball. Creating new jumps mean that you get your own style in the game.

Those who received the message from Coach K will need to confirm their availability. After replying to his message, you will be given a date with no specific time. On that date, you?ll be able to access the custom jump shots feature, meaning that on that pre-determined date, the?feature will be available in the My Career mode.

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